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November 17th

Good Morning and welcome to Faith Chapel. So glad you are here today…I know I say that every week…but I mean it every week!   Last week we began a series looking at the three persons of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We are starting with God our Father.   When we think of GOD the Father, we may be in awe and in fear because the image we have is that of a father figure. somewhere up there in heaven, ready to admonish and correct.    I have spoken with some Christian friends who feel the same way as I do. However, this is a wrong impression because when you study the Bible, you will discover that He is a kind, loving and faithful God.  He is a compassionate Father who loves us more than we love him. He does not always deal with us according to our sins or as much as we deserve. He suffered as much as Jesus Christ did on the cross because He turned his back on His only begotten Son and had to watch as Jesus went through all the agony, pain, and suffering.   GOD the Father is love itself. Boom, mic drop…there it is! Love!   Thanks Father,


Pastor Bob