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July 21st
Good morning and welcome to Faith Chapel. I am so glad you are here today and I so wish that I was here with you! We are currently in Colorado for my youngest nephew’s wedding! The fun part about this trip is my whole family is there from San Diego and of course   Bobby and Heather and their families, so Colorado will never be the same!


We just finished a week of VBS! It was amazing for sure!  Pastor Scott and Pastor Michelle along with Katie and their incredible team did a fantastic job! It was really fun to watch our kids sing, and learn, and play together with people who love and care for them. The crafts and lessons were very creative and the most important thing of all was they learned about God and His Word above all the fun and glitter of the week. Thank you all who helped make this possible!


This morning, Pastor Dave McConnell is sharing the message. As always, he will do a great job communicating his heart for God and for all of you. We have been in ministry together for over 20 years here at Faith Chapel. Our hearts are knit together through serving the Lord together for these past two decades.

  We will see you next week! Enjoy being together today.

Pastor Bob