Good morning and welcome to Faith Chapel! I am so glad you are here. It has been an interesting week with all the weather events we have experienced and with Sondra’s Mom in ICU for the week. Thank the Lord she is doing much better. It was a rough patch to be sure between a pacemaker, three stents, pneumonia and 2 mild heart attacks. God is good and she is resting and  improving. Thank you for all of your prayers. I am hoping to conclude…yes I said the word…conclude…the series on the “Progressive Movement of God” in our lives. We are finishing on our relationships. I will not be focusing on our relationships with those not yet Christian, because we have     discussed that quite a bit this last year, rather I will be focusing on our relationships in the Family of God, the household of faith. There are some incredible guidelines, principles and emphasis that God places on these most important relationships. I have said for many years quoting from the title of a great book by Dr. Reuben Welch that “We Really Do Need Each Other!” It has been a seminal part of my ministry philosophy since its formation. We were not meant to be loners or on our own. God made us to need a partner and to nurture a family and to become family with others of like and precious faith. So we are here together to accomplish God’s good work in this life and we were meant to do it hand in hand with each other. We are better together, as you have heard in so many different contexts, but none more true than as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Loving being together,
Pastor Bob