When I was a kid, I remember how much I looked forward to  

Summer. Every year, just about Memorial Day, I would begin to feel the freedom of no school and long days and nights playing baseball, exploring the canyons all around me in San Diego, days at the beach, bike rides all day and summer fruits. We were not a vacationing family at all! We called vacation moving! We did a lot of that. I knew a bunch of people that went on vacation, visiting important sites, extended family and trips to far away states, and exotic ports of call. Summer was different for me. I got to explore life differently than when I was in school. You know, get up every morning, have breakfast, run out the door to school, come home or go to a friend’s house and then home for dinner; everybody was at home for dinner. There is something comforting knowing that all your friends and neighbors were in their house gathered around their tables for dinner! We had no visitors, no phone calls, no radio or television; it was just what we did. After dinner and clean up the highlight for me was playing hide and go seek outside, then about eight o’clock we were called in, watched a little TV, mostly black and white TV, then to bed only to repeat every day until the weekends. Weekends were like practice summertime. A couple of days of freedom.


In the middle of June school was out! Summer officially began and this freedom, this joy of no routine, no real work, no expectations, no deadlines of homework and school  projects. I got up every morning and thought, this is  awesome! What am I going to do today? What will I explore and challenge and enjoy? I have to say, that feeling is only the feelings a child can have. The promise of joy, of freedom, the exhilaration of ocean waves, canyon exploration, bike rides forever. Chosen friends and brothers to share these with; it was an amazing feeling! I look back on it with envy and joy.


I share all that with you to remind you that the little kid and teenager that enjoyed those days still lives! Still lives inside of you! The problem is they are buried beneath a mortgage, a dead line, multiplied hundreds of other responsibilities that smothers freedom and joy. Some of these things are tangible and some intangible, things we can control and things that seem out of our control, but we feel them under the load of adulting.


In all my years I have found only one thing that can lift this load, one thing that can restore the joy and wonder of my earliest carefree years and you know where I am going right!?!? To a relationship that restores, resurrects, relieves, brings freedom and joy under whatever load I am under, and that is my friend Jesus! Mortgage or not, deadlines, tasks, whatever, are no match for the freedom we feel in Him. We can all wake up in the endless summer of His refreshing!  Seriously friends, wake up knowing that He has got you and He watches over you and enjoy your life like the summer of a kid who has nothing to do but enjoy whatever is before him! I am going to try, with the best of my ability, to allow Him to take on the yoke of my burdens, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light! What do you say? Give it a try! What do you have to lose but weight, burden, dark clouds, ominous feelings, anxiety, crushing helplessness? Do your best to cast all your cares onto Him because He cares for you! Want to explore something cool today? I’m game! Sure, those things that weigh us down still exist but we no longer allow their weight to stifle our joy because Someone bigger than those worries is on my side and on the case, and I can release all those to Him and… be free!


Summer is here!